Anerma Research b.v.

CT-bridge: 6 channel power meter.

What did we do: We build a list of all the reasons why a company canít go further in reducing their energy consumption. After this list-up, an energy meter was designed that didnít have any of these disadvantages.

This means that this meter, since all restrictions are neutralized, can be placed on every machine, while you can go a big step forward in energy efficiency.

Fantastic is, of course, that while competitors are only able to omit 1 or 2 of this restrictions, we deletes them all!

With this invention, industries can reduce their consumption by 20 to 25% and set a big step further into a carbon- free environment.


Benefits of our meter:

  • No physical nor electrical connection to the power cables.
  • No mains connection necessary.
  • No damage of the mains and power lines is possible.
  • No physical network connection required.
  • Really nothing should be connected, so installation goes fast, without a power-down of the installation.
  • Very small size. (As small as a 16/22A single phase automatic fuse).
  • 6 channels (to monitor up to 6 machines with only one meter), this to keep the total price low.


  • Up to 6 split current transformers (SCT), 63A or 250A, can be connected to one meter.
  • The meter sends at 868MHz every 15 minutes (1) a packet to one or more private LoRa(2) receiver(s).
  • Double encryption, conform to the LoRa standard.
  • Fail save transmission, no energy consumption is lost transmissions is unsure.
  • Distance is 100m (1km in free air) with the internal antenna, upto 500m (5km in free air) with well-placed external antenna.
  • LoRa receiver and managing software on PC available via one of our partners.
  • Gains your energy efficiency with 20 to 25%
  • Demo box with 4 x CT-bridge, 1 x receiver + antenna, 3 x 250A SCT and 9 x 63A SCT available

Status: Full production in 2019-Q1

(1) configurable.
(2) LoRa is a trade mark of Semtech