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Quicc microprocessor card with Ethernet and TCP/IP.

This general purpose micro controller card is build around the Motorola MC68EN360 Quicc processor.
Quicc card


  • Dimension: 132 mm x 72 mm multi layer print.
  • Single power supply: 5V, 300mA.
  • ROM: 0,5 M byte Flash EPROM + DIL32 socket for 0,5 M byte extra.
  • RAM: 0,5 M byte on board + 2 DIL32 sockets for up to 1 M byte extra SRAM.
  • Ethernet: 10 base T UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) RJ45 connector.
  • 3 buffered serial ports (RS232/RS485 selectable).
  • 2 unbuffered serial ports.
  • 1 SPI interface.
  • 4 hardware counters/timers.
  • 24 lines parallel I/O.
  • Watch dog and power supply control.
  • Supports real time clock and non volatile RAM.
  • EMC compliant for home, industrial and heavy industrial environments, without any case or shielding.


  • Real time multitasking operating system with interrupts and events processing.
  • On board Forth compiler and assembler.
  • Accepts compiled C-code.
  • TCP/IP stack with fixed or automatic IP-address configuration (DHCP) and name registration (WINS).
  • Telnet, FTP and Mail sessions are predefined and easy to use.
  • SNMP network management agent.
  • Build in algorithms for signal processing (FFT, filters, debouncing, …).
    Floating point library.
  • The more than 600 on board procedures are fully documented including one or more examples.