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SPEC4: Serial Port to Ethernet TCP/IP Converter.

The SPEC4 connects 3 Serial RS232/485 ports and one current loop port via the Ethernet TCP/IP network with up to 4 remote computers or other SPEC4's. With the SPEC4, everything with a serial port connects to the local network.


  • 50 x 110 x 180 mm.
  • Power supply: 8 (300mA) to 35 Volt (80mA) DC or 12 to 24 Volt AC.
  • Build with the Quicc processor boards.
  • 3 individually configurable serial ports with RS232 or RS485/422 selection. Handshakes lines in RS232 mode.
  • 1 current loop serial port with 2 separate current sources (16 possible connections).
  • 10 base T Ethernet connector (internal switching allows a point to point connection, without a hub, if necessary).


  • The 4 channels are transparent and completely undepended so you can connect up to 4 apparatus to one or more PC’s.
  • Any PC or an other SPEC4 can open a connection to a chosen serial port.
  • The SPEC4 is addressable by IP-address or name (WINS). Both the SPEC4 and WINS servers respond to a name query.


  • For configuration you can choose between a menu driven user interface or a coded string for programmed configuration.
  • Fixed or automatic IP-address configuration (DHCP) and name registration (WINS).
  • Serial port and Ethernet settings are done via the serial port or a Telnet control session (TCP-port 23).
  • The telnet control session can also display the status of the different connections and dump the receive and transmit buffers.
  • Baud rate ranges from 50 to 115200 Bd (the current loop port is limited to 4800 Bd)