Anerma Electronics b.v.b.a

Coldfire microprocessor card with Ethernet and TCP/IP.

This general purpose micro controller card is build around the Freescale MCF5474 processor.

ACF4 card


  • Dimension: 100 mm x 70 mm multi layer print.
  • Extension print: 30 mm x 70 mm for easy mounting in din rail cases.
  • Single power supply: 3.3V, 800mA.
  • An ARM processor controls the low speed devices.
    2 x SD card interface
    touch screen control
    analog inputs
  • ROM: no rom, the SD card contains all boot, cyclone, system and application software.
  • RAM: 128 Mbyte DDRAM on board + 8 Mbyte video SDRAM.
  • FPGA: cyclone III connected with an separate 32 bit bus with the controller.
  • Ethernet: 2 x 10/100 base T with auto MDX, RJ45 connector on extension print.
  • 1 full speed USB port on extension print.
  • 4 unbuffered serial ports.
  • 1 SPI interface.
  • 140 lines parallel I/O.
  • Video controller for 3,5" display with touch screen is a module in the cyclone.
  • Watch dog and power supply control.
  • EMC compliant for home, industrial and heavy industrial environments.


  • Real time multitasking operating system with interrupts and events processing.
  • On board full 32 bit Forth compiler and assembler.
  • Object oriented programming support.
  • file system
  • Accepts compiled C-code.
  • TCP/IP stack with fixed or automatic IP-address configuration (DHCP) and name registration (WINS).
  • Telnet, FTP and Mail sessions are predefined and easy to use.
  • SNMP network management agent.
  • Build in algorithms for signal processing (FFT, filters, debouncing, …).
    Floating point library.
  • The more than 1000 on board procedures are fully documented including one or more examples.