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Digital Bridge Amplifier:

Benefits of the DBA 18

  • Leading technology
  • Digital signal processing
  • No buttons for:
    - robustness
    - 21 CFR part 11 compliant
    - compatible with user access
  • Ease of use
  • Graphical touch screen
  • Connection to the world via Ethernet and TCP/IP (Internet)
  • Price
  • Compactness and standard dimensions for 19" racks
  • Current applications : isolated organ baths, cardio-vascular in vivo set ups (e.g. blood pressure)
  • High bandwidth: up to 1kHz

  • Digital Bridge Amplifier


  • 8 separate amplifiers for strain gauges, pressure sensors, LVDT's, ...
  • 8 Excitation voltages, DC or AC, up to 15V
  • 8 amplified analog outputs
  • Graphical display with touch screen
  • Serial port and Ethernet TCP/IP connections
  • 85 to 260V power supply
  • A compact half width 19" rack cassette
  • Available in a desk top case


The Digital Bridge Amplifier DBA 18 is a compact, reliable and state-of-the-art equipment. It is built according to the latest standards in digital and analogue technology.
The Digital Bridge Amplifier DBA 18 has 8 identical channels. All channels are functionally independent. The analogue input signals are real-time converted into digital values (24 bit resolution) and processed by a DSP. After processing the digital signals are real-time converted to analogue signals and applied to the output sockets. 8 digital signal synthesizers generate the excitation amplitudes, with the desired phase and frequency, for the 8 bridges. All parameter settings can be stored in up to 10 different parameter memories to ensure quick installation and start-up.
The Digital Bridge Amplifier DBA 18 is full menu driven, the touch screen LCD displays the menus and enables the operator to select or enter data. A password protected hierarchical structure limits the privileges for users and owners; the administrator always has full control over all parameters of the Digital Bridge Amplifier DBA 18. The Digital Bridge Amplifier DBA 18 firmware and/or parameter memories can be exported to or imported from an FTP server for easy and centralized updates.
The input stages of the Digital Bridge Amplifier DBA 18 can be configured for full bridge, half bridge or ordinary differential amplifier operation. The excitation signal for the full or half bridge is generated by the Digital Bridge Amplifier DBA 18 and can be set in a wide amplitude and frequency range. Electrical signals from bridges (or amplifiers) can be measured and displayed in mV or any other programmable unit (mmHg, mmH2O, Kg ...).


  • As an amplifier for low differential voltages
  • Strain gauge and weight sensor amplification and processing
  • Capacitive and inductive sensor amplification and processing
  • Distance measures with LVDT's
  • High precision analog to digital convertor
  • Many other measurements

This is a customer specific design for Janssen Pharmaceutica.

Download folder DBA18 (317kB)