Anerma Research b.v.

Wagon Wheel current sensor.

This brand new current sensor for AC, with the look of a covered wagon Wheel, have some unseen specifications.


  • Can be designed for currents from 10A to 1000A full scale.
  • Gain and phase shift are independed of the measured current.
  • Extremely high overloadable, (until 1000000A without damage).
  • No voltage drop in the power cable.
  • No connection: you can shove the power cable trough the center hole of the sensor.
  • No magnetics, so no inductance is added to the power cable.
  • Flat, can be as thin as 3mm.
  • Cheap in production.
  • Complex to design, but this is a onetime process.
  • Proprietary software is written to do the design rule check.

Status: A 4-phase 100A demonstration power meter will be available in 2019-Q2