Anerma Electronics b.v.b.a

Some other applications are:

  • The copy terminal interfaces a copier machine and a badge reader. All the copies made are registered and send on a daily basis over the Ethernet to a FTP server. On this PC those data files of the 100 copier machines are processed and stored in a data base. Reports for managing and maintaining the copiers are generated daily. Monthly invoices for the different departments are generated.
  • The TCP/IP modem replaces a normal modem and uses the Ethernet in stead of an analog or digital telephone line.
  • High resolution 3 phase power meter for research.
  • Very small PLC (39 x 8 x 3 cm) with 48 inputs, 72 outputs, 3 serial ports and Ethernet interface.
  • Special PLC for the control of the engine and generator in power groups.
  • Electrical power control relays for power groups.
  • High resolution measurement of pyrometer signals.
  • High resolution measurement of forces and displacements in a tablet press.
  • Generator for pulse trains with special wave forms.
  • High accuracy and resolution spectrum measurement of power voltage and current.
  • Reading out the memory of an existing quality test equipment and sending this to a PC via a separate Ethernet point to point connection.
  • Measurement of the different voltages, currents and temperatures in electrical test cars.
  • Different Protocol converters are developed.
  • Alarm collection system coupled with a paging system.
  • Etc.