Anerma Electronics b.v.b.a

3pMeter: Very small 3 phase power and power quality meter-logger with big memory.



  • Small form factor: 35 x 70 x 16 mm.
    fits above a differential switch or a power fuse. There is no need for extra box room, nor DIN rail space in the fuse box
  • Easy mounting: power wires I1,I2,I3 are shifted in the holes and voltage L1,L2,L3,N wires are screwed together with the power wires in the cable house.
  • For power mains 230-400V+N, 130-230V+N, 130V-230V or mono phase 230V, 50Hz.
  • Voltage measurement (Ln-N) up to 300Vac.
  • Current measurement (In) up to 125Aac, contact less sensor, hole=5mm (= isolated wire of 16mm2)
  • All inputs are protected for lightning pulses of 4000V/20us.
  • Contactles communication with PC or mobile phone.
  • Logging of power every second for the last 48 h, every minute for the last 40 days, every 15 minute for the last 10 years.

Monitors next mains errors:

  • short + long time over voltage.
  • short + long time voltage dip.
  • voltage unbalance.
  • power interruption (also the duration is logged).
  • huge harmonic distortion.
  • frequency deviation + frequency jump.
  • flicker.
  • over current.
  • The last 1000 errors are saved in memory together with the time and the waveform of L1,L2,L3.


  • Read out of actual power and power consumption with smart phone via blue-tooth.
  • Read out with PC via fast blue-tooth connection.
  • Advanced presentation software available (includes automatic invoicing and alarming).
Full specs will be supplied at the end of November 2010.